10 Steps for Creating a Technology Roadmap

And finally, roadmaps are classified depending on the chosen method of software development. Sometimes you can do without exact dates, but you need to determine the timelines for passing the project stages at least approximately. A well-thought-out roadmap makes it possible to correctly distribute the company’s resources and reach the goal faster and with lower costs. Ensure a roadmap includes key contacts of project representatives for easy and fast reaching them when needed.

Let’s check out the first two steps and then dive into the roadmap. With over a decade of experience in content marketing and SEO, Jitesh shares actionable tips for digital service teams to deliver projects profitably on the Toggl blog. Second, you can share a read-only view of the timeline with stakeholders. That way they can keep up with what’s happening in the project without being bothered with the nitty-gritty details. And once you’ve set up the roadmap, you can expand it into a detailed project plan. And manage your project execution by tracking task progress using Kanban boards.

stages of creating an IT roadmap

A modern alternative to spreadsheets and presentations are services specifically designed to make road maps. They are paid, but provide maximum opportunities for visualization. Maps created with the help of such services are automatically updated for all users. Scaling up is quite different, as you should concentrate on establishing a solid foundation for future growth. The methods for achieving this goal will vary depending on your industry, company type, product maturity stage, and so on.

Frequently asked questions about product roadmaps

Product roadmaps should be treated as living documents, don’t let them collect dust. Put your roadmap at the forefront of your development and planning meetings. Print a copy, email it, share it with stakeholders on a regular basis.

  • Service contains more than 100 templates for the development of road maps.
  • Prioritization – focusing on what is most important, roadmaps help project/product managers make tradeoff decisions and prioritize the work that brings the greatest benefits more easily.
  • That’s why you should proactively explain why certain things didn’t make the cut.
  • Knowing what every IT initiative achieves and what the business can gain from it always comes first.
  • Our software consultants and technologists have hands-on experience in developing technology roadmaps for startups and enterprises, all alike.

Roadmap slide with swimlanes and project details for effective management of a platform development process. Prioritization – focusing on what is most important, roadmaps help project/product managers make tradeoff decisions and prioritize the work that brings the greatest benefits more easily. Alignment – clearly stating the vision and the objectives of a project, a roadmap aligns teams, portfolios, or areas of the same business.

q. Is estimating effort really important for a roadmap?

For best results, create a development roadmap that focuses on how building the product will affect your team’s day-to-day responsibilities. Then, make a roadmap that demonstrates trends in the market and how they portend financial success. Finally, create a simplified roadmap for your consumer base that shows how your product will benefit their lives as the product evolves. Everyone from development to marketing and even upper management will see the roadmap, which is subject to change as the product requirements evolve. Your map might help your team understand why you’ve made certain decisions along the way.

Team MeetingsCollaborate on meeting agendas, take notes in real-time, and end every team meeting with an action plan. Sales LeadersFellow helps Sales leaders run productive 1-on-1s, team meetings, forecasting calls, and coaching sessions. SolutionsMeeting agenda softwareCollaborate on meeting agendas, assign action items, and ask for meeting feedback. The TRR must be consistent with the program’s TA/CP, Security Classification Guide , and other disclosure guidance. Up until this point, your roadmap has been a wish list, but finances make the final decisions in every business. However, it is important to wait until Phase 4 before factoring in the actual costs of your roadmap.

When you have a clear picture of the strategy, it is easier to think through individual tasks and subtasks at each stage. Determining the time frame necessary for the implementation of tasks adapted. However, before embarking on the world of startup product development, it is crucial to outline its path from the very beginning to the end, without missing any intermediate stops. Determining as many potential management tricks as possible early on will help to set up a smooth work prepared for future challenges and will help to avoid vision stalling. This product roadmap is important for communication with startup participants about their areas of responsibility and expected results. If you’re thinking that the above feels a bit like an accounting exercise, its important to highlight that commercials are very much a core part of product management.

After an honorable discharge from the Army in 1998, Andy immediately started digging into the technology scene. Having served in 2nd Ranger Battalion and 14th Military Intelligence, Andy is capable of tackling stressful situations while keeping his exuberant smile fully intact. In addition to many consulting engagements from Los Angeles to NY to London over the past 20 years, Andy has worked as the Chief Architect for Dell where he led the rebuild ofdell.com. Click here to check outAndy’s Forbes Technology Council profile.

Roadmaps are the holy-grail of strategic documents every product team wants to perfect. This article unpacks what it takes to build an impactful product roadmap by treating it like an investment plan instead of a traditional list of features to build. A project roadmap provides a strategic overview of the main elements of a project. Therefore it should include objectives, milestones, deliverables, resources, and project timeline.

Failing to include evidence that supports your strategic reasoning in your roadmap.

A critical mistake is not taking into account what your team can actually deliver before coming up with a roadmap. Unless your roadmap is an exercise to ask for more resources, it is imperative you figure out delivery capacity at least at a high level. It’s important to have a product strategy, needless to say this should always be driven by company strategy. Your leadership team needs to be aligned on company strategy so you can create an effective product strategy. Product strategy is a topic on its own and I won’t discuss much more about it here. In this article, we’ll discuss what a technology roadmap is, what are its benefits, and the steps for creating a successful technology roadmap.

You need to have a clear understanding of the audience you’ll be presenting your pitch to. Revise your roadmap to make sure you’re speaking their language. Find a middle ground between sounding too technical and delivering your key messages to decision-makers. I’ll run you through them, then share our proven steps for building a good roadmap.

The roadmap for the team responsible for the project implementation must necessarily include a technical component. Developers should have an understanding of the technology stack, features, sprints, and timelines. This roadmap is designed to help them organize the development process properly.

stages of creating an IT roadmap

A software product development roadmap will define the strategic plan of your product. Its purpose is to build a software product that aligns with your business’s strategic goals and objectives. This tool focuses on fast and easy roadmapping for effective product development. It integrates with different apps, and it has a drag-and-drop interface that lets you switch between multiple views.

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Knowing what every IT initiative achieves and what the business can gain from it always comes first. A high-level description of your strategic goals is crucial, both for negotiating with management and for the implementation phase. Now as you know about all the benefits of technology roadmaps, the what is an IT roadmap next stage is to talk about what makes a great roadmap. Project roadmaps are visual representations of a high-level overview of the work required to complete a project. A project roadmap should visualize the head and the tail of your project, for internal and external stakeholders to understand.

stages of creating an IT roadmap

Uber would serve as an excellent example of how to remain competitive using a clear tech roadmap. It upended the transportation industry by allowing any driver to earn extra money and any passenger to arrive at their destination in a luxury car rather than a cab. This was accomplished by launching https://globalcloudteam.com/ a user-friendly mobile app, whereas the rest of the market only provided a callback option. Almost every taxi company now has a mobile app, but Uber has already made a significant profit. A roadmap simplifies interaction between all those interested in the implementation of the strategy.

The third step of building a product development roadmap is to define what members of the organization need to be part of your dream team. Something to keep in mind is that the best product roadmaps include cross-functional teams. A product roadmap is a visual summary that traces out the strategic plan of your product. It outlines the vision, direction, and expected progress of a product over time. It also helps product managers and overall teams to align the organization’s short and long-term goals for the product and how these would be achieved. You can create your roadmaps from scratch and integrate them with other project management software, or save yourself some time and use ready-made technology roadmap templates.

How to Create a Project Roadmap: The Simplest Guide

Tech roadmaps are widely used in different spheres of business. Are you a corporate company that must meet cost- and revenue-efficiency quotas? Are you a startup that needs to make sure that your investments are as profitable as possible? Roadmap clearly shows the strategy of achieving a particular goal, whether it is implementation of a project, business development, creation and promotion of a product, or staff training. When choosing features for a product, remembering target audience surveys and in-depth interviews with potential customers is vital.

Step One: Brainstorm technology initiatives and projects

Themes with the lowest scores should be assigned to later time horizons (Future or Future++). Loosely map each theme to a corresponding time horizon, then take a step back and assess the outcome. If you are creating a roadmap collaboratively, shift into open discussion. Make adjustments as necessary until everyone feels confident and buys into the roadmap. The number of inputs you have will likely depend on the maturity of your organization.

Tips on How to Share or Present a Roadmap

So, be prepared to spruce up your creation every now and then. You can introduce the final version to your team once you… Next, portray dependencies between deliverables the best you can.

Share your “why”

Of course, you know better what you want to get in the end, but we, on our part, are ready to help you translate your business goals into software language. We’re going to describe a general approach to roadmap creation. It can be adapted and changed depending on the goals of your project, target audience, and other essential factors. As we’ve already mentioned, the external roadmap offers no exact dates—its purpose is to illustrate what products and in what order the company intends to release in the coming years. It’s part of the SDLC philosophy that we, the NIX team, also follow, as we consider it the best way to work with software products.

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